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I remember I was in my mother's garden and it had just rained. I was observing the droplets of water on all the plants (specifically the white daisies) and I remember thinking how incredibly beautiful and delicate they looked sitting there on the flower petals. I was about 12 years old and I believe it was taking photographs of these daisy water droplets that made me realize I loved photography. Fast forward to many years later and I am living my dream! My name is Claire Teri and I am the main photographer in Claire Teri Photography. Together with my husband Stefano, we work as a team to offer you photos for any occasion. We work together to capture not only the big, special moments, but those small, intimate (and often forgotten) instances. We have been married for just under a year and are currently expecting our first little bean! We are happy, friendly, life loving people and we would just love to meet and photograph you! :-)

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