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I'm Claire Teri, the main photographer at Claire Teri Photography. If you're here, that means you're looking for some photos, right? Obviously that's what I love to do, but what you don't know is that it's only half the story!


Making actual connections with my clients is the other half! I truly believe that it's through these connections where the best stories are told!

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Claire has an eye for capturing beauty, spontaneity and the emotional magic of a moment. Her photographic work will be a treasured heirloom that continuously touches our hearts.
Plus, Claire has a personality that makes one feel so at-ease. Nothing is forceful in her approach and her warm positivity brings out your best smiling radiance.
Such outstanding quality photography too!
Having used Claire for both family and wedding photos, we would highly recommend her!
- The Hofstras

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Say Cheese!

Claire Teri Photography is happy to offer you a classy, fun and professional PhotoBooth experience for any and all types of events.

Step 1: Setup PhotoBooth at your event!

Step 2: Pose for a Photo!

Step 3: Print & Enjoy!

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We're Social!

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