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James & Lacey's Engagement - First Blog Post!

Well... this definitely takes me back to my pre-teen journaling days - a 12 year old aspiring writer who secretly wrote out her deepest desires in her dollar store diary hoping no one would ever lay eyes on the words written. This time though, I am a 26 year old wife, mother, and photographer who does not want to hide her work away but who wants to proudly share it. (Let the nervous sweating begin... hehe). I want to let the photos speak for themselves mostly, and am by no means re-sparking the desire to be a writer, I just want a space where I can share the sessions and galleries I am most proud of. For now I am so incredibly excited to post some photos of James & Lacey's Engagement Session. Taking these photos was a literal breath of fresh air. To be able to capture not only the love, but the friendship, the joy, the deepness. Even looking through them for the 100th time I'm not sure if I want to smile or if I want to cry. Every couple is different, but what brings two people together is essentially the same, it's universal - human connection. When you find that one person that charges your batteries and makes you feel FULL, that connection turns into something magical. Looking through these photos you can literally FEEL that magic. I do suggest opening up your internet browser, heading to youtube, finding Justin Bieber's new song "10,000 hours" and listening to it while you browse these photos. It's what I did while editing these photos and my heart was just HAPPY. And for those of you who want to judge the JBeeby Love, (I will always be a fan) get outta hereeeeee!!!! Just kidding, but ENJOY!! Actually I have included it below to save you some time (you're welcome).

James & Lacey's Engagement Session The first half of this engagement session we did at Lacey's Family Property in Campbellville. This was truly so special because it's actually where these two lovebirds will tie the knot next year in August. Great practice for their wedding!

Sometimes being in front of the camera can be a little uncomfortable. I totally understand this because get me in front of one and I become the most awkward person ever! Sometimes it is especially uncomfortable for men, NOT THIS GUY THOUGH. One of the first things he said to me was "If we can do a GREAT butt-grab-photo I will cooperate and be happy this entire time." I'd like to say that the butt-grabbing photos (and his overall cooperation and attitude) were a GREAT SUCCESS. Nice job James, nice job. You've set the bar very high for other men.

My biggest desire when photographing a couple is.... BE there but NOT BE THERE at the same time. Does that make sense? I hope that couples feel enough themselves to be exactly who they are with each other. I want to capture the real, raw, un-posed moments. I give direction when needed, and TRUST me I can get bossy, but mostly I do this in order to get to a point in the session where you're comfortable enough to be yourselves. James & Lacey were incredible at this from the very beginning. Sometimes I felt as though they had forgotten I was even there! And I LOVE that <3

Could they BEEEE any cuter?

So it got a little hot and James needed to take a break, rip off his sweater and drink a sip of his nice cold beer. LOL! Fine by me but I wasn't missing this magical photo opportunity. My clients should know that we can take all the breaks you need, just always keep in mind I never stop clickin' that camera. hehehe.

When you book enough time with me, couples are able to chose different locations as well as change into different outfits. This gives your gallery a nice variety because let's be honest, ONE outfit does not define us, and ONE location is just not enough. Lacey & James quickly changed into different outfits and we continued photographing at their Campbellville property before driving off to our final sunset location!

Both of these photos (above and below) were taken maybe half a second apart, and although they are VERY similar, I could never pick between the two! I like to give my couples the opportunity to select their favourite photos in a preview gallery :-) And you ALWAYS have the chance to upgrade packages or purchase the entire gallery!

Sometimes photos just SCREAM at me that they need to also be in Black & White. Don't get me wrong I love colours - vibrant rich colours, but there is also something so emotional and timeless about a black and white photograph.

James & Lacey Engaged 0196

Before heading out to our final destination for GOLDEN HOUR photos, these two grabbed a quick little snack by the bonfire and kept eachother warm for a few minutes. <3

For these last photos, we hiked up to Dundas Peak to get that last half hour of golden lighting. We could not have asked for a more beautiful sunset on top of a gorgeous cliff overlooking a forest of changing colours. Sunset is my absolute favourite time to photograph, there is something so romantic about the golden soft lighting that just adds to the magic of love.

James & Lacey, thank you for allowing me to capture such magic. It could have been a cloudy overcast day and the golden spark that exists when you two are together would have still shown through these photos. So incredibly excited to photograph your wedding next year.

Thank you to everyone for making it to the end of my first blog post. Stay tuned for more :-)

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